Unified Endpoint Management

MobileIron is a world leader in mobile device management, enabling the comprehensive protection of both data and devices. The solution enables the creation of an organization in which every business process is accessible on an employee’s mobile device, quickly, conveniently and securely.

MobileIron offers its customers:

  • the only complete solution that emphasizes all aspects of safe and efficient corporate work on mobile devices, including BYOD
  • management of mobile user devices on multiple platforms at the same time (Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, iOS)
  • complete management of mobile applications on mobile devices without interference in users’ files, while maintaining a very high level of security
  • system preventing the “leakage” of data from company e-mails (attachments)
  • two-stage authentication for business data, e-mails, information
  • easy scalability up to approx. 100,000 devices

MobileIron can be installed in a client's CPD or made available as a cloud instance.
With MobileIron it is possible to determine the access to company data from the current security status of the user's device.
MobileIron provides the possibility of introducing terminal devices into the Store mode. This mode allows you to share only specific applications without the ability to change any settings of the device.
Access to data for mobile devices can be provided via application-specific VPN connections, reducing the load and amount of traffic that local infrastructure has to handle.
MobileIron provides support for both corporate and private devices (BYOD policy support).
MobileIron Threat Defense provides comprehensive protection for mobile devices against threats. It provides protection against devices, applications and threats from the network even when the device is not connected to servers.

Benefits of MobileIron implementation

MobileIron > ENG SSO

Ability to implement single sign-on (SSO) throughout the organization

MobileIron > ENG Zero trust

Zero-trust policy for maximum security

MobileIron > ENG MFA

Allows for the implementation of multi-component logging (Multi-factor authentication).

MobileIron > ENG Skalowalność

Meets the requirements for government-grade security and has been approved for handling classified information in the USA.

Why MobileIron?

  • World leader in EMM / MDM
  • Support for application partners – over 100
  • Support for infrastructure partners – 70
  • The safest EMM-class solution
  • High scalability
  • Separation of business and private data