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Contact us by filling in the contact form. Learn more about our Commercial process and the principles of safe communication.

    Commercial process

    How communication will proceed?

    1. In the contact form, specify the area of your interest.
    2. A dedicated customer advisor will contact you using the contact information provided by you. If you want a quick response, remember to leave a phone number.
    3. During the conversation with the advisor, you will determine the possibilities and necessities. This information will be passed on to our engineers, who will propose a way to provide the service. In case of doubts, the engineers may try to contact you.
    4. The Customer Advisor will provide you with details of the offer and, if possible, propose a meeting at which he will present the proposed product.
    5. The decision is always up to you. We will be pleased to support your organization in cybersecurity services.

    What about security?

    Your security is of the utmost importance to us, so we understand that you will not always want to share all your information. We have prepared a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that will enable us to cooperate.

    Keep a few important rules!

    • We do our best to have the same person contact you whenever possible. That is why we have a dedicated customer advisor for you.
    • Provide information that is important to you after you have concluded a confidentiality agreement (NDA).
    • If you need to send important information – encrypt it beforehand. Ask your Client’s advisor on how to do this.
    • We send e-mails from the domain of our company –

    Contact details

    ul. Towarowa 35
    61-896 Poznań

    tel. 61/643 51 98

    NIP: 7781473428
    KRS: 0000361608
    Kapitał zakładowy: 65 tys w pełni wpłacony